MECOOL Netflix Certified Android TV Box KM2 Giveaway

MECOOL fans, you wanted us to have Netflix 4K box . Well, we heard you! MECOOL Team is proud to announce that our new Netflix tv box  is available now~

To thank our supporters, we are doing a Giveaway campaign—2 MECOOL KM2s  to be won! It will take place from 10th-26th April, 2021. The winners will be announced on 26th April.

Additionally, It is pre-order on MECOOL official website with the special code for MECOOL fans:10KM2

To share briefly, our MECOOL KM2 is a  built in Netflix version with an Android operating system, which supports Netflix Ultra HD Streaming. We can enjoy the latest version of Android TV 10, Perfect for home entertainment home theater, business use and more. It is one of the budget-friendly models with Netflix Certified. Since its release, MECOOL's first Netflix tv box——the KM2 has also been a popular choice among many customers.

All ready to join the Giveaway? Click here!


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